Nan Yin – A Historical Perspective

Preserving our ancient Chinese heritage for posterity.

Save Our Chinese Heritage

Text by Koh Sze Wei 

Siong Leng Music Association is the name of the troupe. This is one of the only two Nanyin (Nankuan, Namguan in Taiwan or older Singaporeans) associations in Singapore, and is indeed located along Bukit Pasoh Road. The other is “Chuan Tong Nan Yin She” which is translated to “Traditional Fujian Music Association” which is further down Bukit Pasoh on Teo Hong Road. The later is made up of mainly senior citizens, who play their afternoons away with the sounds of Nanyin in their association every other day, and has a true air of old Nanyin associations. The door of this association is always open, and any strangers are welcomed to sit down and listen to their ancient music. Ability to speak Minnan (Hokkien) dialect seems a must if you want to communicate with the misters there. Siong Leng on the other hand is an…

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