The Melody of Spring

1 Apr 2014 potsticker 131

Ah…! The Melody of Spring!

The Musical Sound from Heavenly Peace!

Do I see the coming of Maiden Spring?

Chiming Bells!

Of Holy Bliss upon the earth does dwell!

Bells of Hymns!

Do I hear a concert from within?

Was I charmed? Was that whims?

Do I smell the aroma of early Spring?

Rosy Air!

Of flooding

Sunshines upon the Vastness there!

There I see 

Birds of paradise, feathers of wings…

Do I feel the gentle caress of chilly winds?

But, beauty unlike Beauty is —

That glamour allures

So do our eyes deceive…

Where on earth —

Life’s sorrows and savories,

Like winds,

Will always meet.

Tingling Breeze

But for an instance

My stress relieved.

Have I forgotten just how sweet life can be?

Ah! Valley of Silence, O Wonders of God

How I wonder about You

And how I wish to return to You in Christ’s Righteousness

And in harmony and everlasting…


Without even ever fear!

Shan Lim


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